❤️ We are Pau and Alex, 2 artists from Barcelona, Spain!

✉️ We are available for freelance work / commercial comissions. If you have any inquiries, please email us at [email protected]

please read before dm!

currently CLOSED! we will announce in our social media when we open it again, so stay tuned! <3



please read before dm! <3

⭐ are you available for COMMISSIONS?

personal commissions are closed for now. for bussiness inquiries, commercial commissions or collabs, please email us at [email protected]

❤️ can i REPOST your art?

yes, but ALWAYS give proper CREDIT in the description & tag. also please DON’T modify the image or crop the watermark. if you see someone who reposted without proper credit, we'd really appreciate if you could let them know.

⭐ can i use your art for PROFILE PICTURE/HEADER?

yes, as long as there is credit somewhere visible (in bio) <3

❤️ when will you open your ONLINE STORE?

our online store (where we sell acrylic charms, enamel pins, prints, stickers etc) is temporary, meaning we open it during a short period of time. for now it’s closed and we don’t know exactly when it will be open again, but definitely this year! we will announce it in our social media, so stay tuned! ✨ (and yes, shipping is worldwide!)

⭐ any question regarding an ORDER from our online store:

please email us at [email protected] with your order number :)

❤️ can i sell tshirts/other stuff with your drawings? / can i use your art for_?

NO, we don’t allow commercial use of our drawings!

⭐ someone is using your art without permission!

our only collab with a third party is our CUCU covers collection. any other site using our art for sell is stealing it.

if you have time, we would really appreciate if you could report it / let them know that the original artist doesn't allow commercial use of their art. you can also let us know! we receive a lot of messages about this and sometimes we don’t have the energy to reply to all but please know we really appreciate your concern! <3

❤️ can i have a TATTOO with your art?

yes, if you post a picture please credit us as the original artist of the design. you can also tag us or send it, we love to see them :)

⭐ what PROGRAM and TABLET do you use?

we use Clip Studio Paint and Photoshop for illustration. as for tablet, we use Xp-pen Innovator 16 ✨